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Attention all young engineers!

This beautifully crafted baby walker is designed  'Tool set ' theme. Not only is it a sturdy baby walker to promote a child's mobility, it has numerous accessories made of robust, partially laminated wood. So children can also practice their first mechanical tasks through fun play.

Kids can play with the hammer, screwdriver, and wrench by using the many drill-holes in the upper part of the walker, and the tools can be stored inside - especially by inserting them in the correct  shape sorter on the front side. This will provide hours of fun play for your little one, whilst developing fundamental skills. They  can screw, drill, and hammer away - there's even a vice with a rotatable spindle!

 This baby walker has noise-reducing, slip-resistant rubber-finished wheels to add additional support for balancing little ones learning to walk. The walker trains dexterity and motor skills, and makes young children mobile - A fundamental toy for improving any child's physical development whilst having creative play.

Approx. 34 x 36 x 44 cm

Recommended Age 12 months +

Baby 'Tool' Walker

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