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This educational puzzle is circular in shape and designs on both sides. 

The circle shape of the planet puzzle is to present likeness with our our planet earth.  Side one, beautiful design illustrates how humans can be more ecological and support the planet in becoming more 'Green'. Side one is easier to construct the puzzle itself, this is a purposeful design to demonstrate that taking positive ecological actions can make the world a nicer place to be.

Side two, displays some of our current practices and how we are fundamentally damaging our planet. Side two is more difficult to construct, this represents the things that threaten the environment divide us and dissolve the planet into pieces. Aiming to promote positive ecological actions.

This jigsaw puzzle it’s an ecological statement because toys can be a powerful educative tool, full of meaning and importance. This puzzle is to promote understanding of what positive actions we can take to support our planet and make it safe.

This puzzle comprises of 10 pieces.

Recommended for 2+ years

Size: 30 cm x   30 cm x  1.3 cm

Lets Save The Planet Jigsaw Puzzle

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