Sand + Water = Mud & Fun! This modern designed mud kitchen made of weather-resistant solid wood is the new star of the garden! Playable from all four sides, it offers space for multiple children to enjoy creative playtime as an outdoor kitchen. Thanks to the indestructible wheels, it can be pushed around as much as the children want! Featuring oven with two knobs that make clicking sounds, a large mud bowl, two small mud pots and two flower pots made of metal, including recesses, hooks, and a storage surface for organising gardening tools, cooking equipment and mud utensils make this extraordinary mud kitchen complete!


Size - approx. 104 x 59 x 54 cm; Working height: approx. 54 cm


Recommended from age 3 years


Additional Information

  • Weather-resistant, untreated, solid wood, can be designed individually
  • Playable from all four sides
  • Easy to move with robust wheels
  • Convenient slots for tools, sticks, and hose
  • With a large mud bowl and worktop
  • Oven with clicking turning knobs and wooden baking tray; oven door has magnetic catchers
  • Extra plant section with two metal flowerpots
  • Two metal mud pots for collecting, storing, and scooping water

Mud Kitchen