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 Our Story

Here at Playbalu we specialise in wooden toys, that are fun to use but also encourage learning and development whilst caring for the precious environment in which we live

Playbalu is an idea conceived when lifelong friends began to reminisce about their childhoods and their favourite activities, one of which was building shapes and pretending wooden animals could talk. Every day with these toys was an adventure and we had a vision to show today’s children and families how beautifully crafted and long lasting these wooden works of art really are.

We endeavoured to find the highest quality wooden toys across the world that ticked 4 boxes: Fun, durable, safe and environmentally friendly. We have tested all of our products through extensive market research, our products have been tested by children and adults alike and we are incredibly proud of our suppliers and our products. All our products must DEVELOP a child’s sensory and cognitive functions and the toys must be built to last to ensure they can be passed from generation to generation. Our toys will inspire children to be curious about the world around them and encourage creativity whilst developing skills at their own pace in a relaxed and fun way. 

It truly is a wonderful sight to see a child enjoying playing with a wonderful wooden toy and know that they are developing and learning simultaneously. Playbalu having developed relations with leading manufacturers across the globe and through extensive market research can say with the upmost confidence that our products certainly have a positive influence on a child’s development and learning capacity


It may be for your own child or maybe a gift to celebrate a christening or a birthday or simply because we all know children love these toys, rest assured that you are not only bringing a smile to the child and family but also stamping your footprint on developing their skills and expanding their imagination

We hand-pick a world-class range of educational children’s toys all of which are fully certified for European use. We also have ensured that we have minimized the use of any plastics (even our delivery bags are eco-friendly) so you can feel confident that whilst you broaden a child’s mind, you are also broadening their outlook on the world in which we live.

A toy from playbalu is something that will not only be a gift or a toy, it will be part of the family for years to come.


Enjoy the toys, Enjoy the Change

Yours Faithfully,


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