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Let´s go exploring with the whale! This wooden whale baby walker which was nominated for a 2020 ToyAward offers novice walkers play and learning fun on five playable sides. The sea and its residents are a central design element - and with it, in addition to training motor skills, it also allows the whale´s living space to be explored during shape-fitting, pressing and flipping! Fish can help with counting, and a compass imparts knowledge about cardinal directions and seasons. The young ones are safe and quiet while moving around on the rubber-finished wheels. There´s space for shape-fitting elements and toys under the openable top cover with anti-clamping protection! The braking system allows the walker to be pushed across the floor in a controlled manner. With integrated axle.


Approx. size 42 x 39 x 42 cm; Grip height approx. 41 cm


Recommended minimum age 12months+




- Openable lid with anti-clamping protection

- Integrated braking system for controlled pushing

- Rubber-finished wheels for quiet, safe rolling

- Difficult to tip over with an integrated axle for stability

- A turnable compass trains comprehension of cardinal directions

  and seasons

- A chalkboard you can draw on

- Moving play elements for shape-fitting, pressing, and flipping for                     training (fine) motor skills

- Lots of storage space for toys

Baby Walker Whale

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