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This Pastel Activity Cube makes the perfect toy for interactive play for toddlers. This activity board has five sides of different activities to choose from, providing a varied play experience for toddlers. A bead maze, sorting game, shape-fitting and pushing game, and gears promote colour and shape recognition and fine motor skills. Insert, slide, flip, turn! Providing hours of fun.

Trendy pastel colours, cute animal motifs , selection of different shapes and playful details make this motor activity cube an absolute eye-catcher in the nursery. 

The highlight: The lid is removable and can be stored upside down in the cube, so that the motoric cube can be put away to save space after playing.


Approx. 15 x 15 x 30 cm, play height 18 cm

Suitable for 12+



*Stable wooden motor activity cube with five playable sides
*Incl. two bead mazes, a shape-fitting game, a sliding labyrinth, rotating tiles, and a gears game
*Visually appealing with high-quality illustrations, a modern colour scheme, and a high amount of natural wood
*Saves lots of space: the removable lid can be flipped around and stored inside the cube
*Trains perception of shapes and colours
*Promotes the development of dexterity and fine motor skills
*Improves hand-eye coordination and inspires imagination
*Cute animal motifs and playful details combined with trendy pastel colours

Pastel Activity Cube

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