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The Benefits of Reality Based Role Play

Despite the nursery rhymes, story books and TV shows the most important part of a child’s development comes from what they see and hear on a daily basis. It is for this reason that most children love to copy what they see (and what they think) adults do.

Seeing children role play is such a precious and wonder filled privilege and anyone who gets included in this or gets to watch it is truly lucky. You can virtually see the little cogs turn in their brain as they play alone, with you or with others in a role play game. There is no cup of tea quite as sweet as that first pretend cup that your child brings to you as they say “cup of tea?”

It is beautiful and enlightening to role play with your child or watch them role playing on their own or with others. You get a unique little glimpse into their brain and how they see the world and you will often find out that they take in more than you realise. It is also an amazing way to teach them about the world as you play at doctors, shops or mechanics (and what a great opportunity to break down any prejudices about who can do what jobs, hobbies or home based roles).

Role play is an amazing way to get children to play together and, along with small world play, is one of the most likely activities to see young children engaging with each other in the same game.

To develop role play further include your child in everyday real life tasks such as putting things in your shopping trolly or helping to prepare real food.

One more fun and amusing moment to look out for is the day your own acting becomes a bit too convincing as you tuck into your wooden food meal that your child has presented to you and they say “it’s only pretend” as they gaze at you with a worried expression on their face.

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